Who Comes Under Gazetted Officer?

Can private school principal attest documents?

The Headmaster/ Headmistress/ Principal of Government colleges are eligible for attestation of the documents.

The attestation by Headmaster / Headmistress / Principal of Private School / Colleges will not be considered.

Photocopy of attested documents are not acceptable..

Which gazetted officer can attest documents?

Only officers of Group A and Group B can attest the documents. Officials coming under two other categories Group C and Group D are not Gazetted, Officers. If attestation is being done for the purpose of applying for a passport. It can only be done by Group A gazetted officer only who are under the rank of Secretary/Dy.

Is Doctor a gazetted officer?

Yes MBBS Doctor is a gazetted officer if he works under govt. Service either central or state. … If the MBBS is appointed as a Civil Assistant Surgeon in the Government, he/she becomes a gazetted officer..

Is headmaster a gazetted officer?

A Headmaster of a Government Primary School is not a Gazetted Officer in India. Headmasters of Government High Schools and above are Gazetted Officers.

Who is 1st gazetted officer?

Class I or Group A (Gazetted) These officials belong to the managerial or highest class of government servants who are placed in Level 10 and above in Civilian Pay matrices, Previously in the pay band 3 with 5400 grade pay and above in 6th CPC and Level 10 and 9 above in Pay Matrix in 7th CPC pay structure.

What is the salary of gazetted officer?

Rs 56,1007th Pay Commission latest news: UPSC notifies 7th CPC Group ‘A’ Gazetted Officer’s job; Rs 56,100 starting salary for this sarkari naukri.

Is bank manager a gazetted officer?

Gazetted Officers are executive/managerial level ranked public servants in India. … Banks are generally not a Central or state government functionary unit and hence do not have any gazetted officers. So, Government bank branch managers are not gazetted officers.

Is Postmaster a gazetted officer?

Yes the postmaster is considered as the gazetted officer of Central Government. he is a powerful officer and in charge of the entire post office. … The certification of postmaster on any documents is valid equivalent to the gazetted officer of state government.

Is a school principal a gazetted officer?

The principal of government school is covered under the Class II category of Gazetted officer. The principal of a government college is covered under the Class I category of a gazetted officer, and Headmaster of Government college is also regarded as gazetted officers.

Is police inspector a gazetted officer?

Gazetted officers include all the Indian Police Service officers which are Class I officers of the cadre and all State Police Services officers of and above the rank of inspector of police and State Police forces respectively. All are arranged in a hierarchical order.