What Is The Difference Between Redlining And Reverse Redlining?

What is reverse redlining in mortgage?

Reverse redlining is the practice of targeting neighborhoods (mostly non-White) for higher prices or lending on unfair terms such as predatory lending of subprime mortgages..

What is the opposite of redlining?

Opposite words for redlining: differentiate. rate.

Was there redlining Canada?

Historical evidence indicates that across Canada the first areas to be redlined were the less-desirable suburbs. Land registry and property assessment data establish the emergent patterns in Hamilton, Ontario. Between 1931 and 1951, institutional lending became a social norm first on new dwellings in suburbs.

What is reverse redlining?

Relations Act In contrast, reverse redlining is the practice of extending credit on unfair terms to specific targeted geographic areas due to race, ethnicity or some other protected class of its residents.