What Does It Mean To Mimic Something?

What does mimic mean in medical terms?

Medical Definition of mimic (Entry 2 of 2) : to imitate or resemble closely: as.

a : to imitate the symptoms of an acute inflammatory process located in the ileocecal region mimics acute appendicitis — Merck Manual..

What is the past tense of mimic?

mimic ​Definitions and Synonymspresent tensehe/she/itmimicspresent participlemimickingpast tensemimickedpast participlemimicked1 more row

What is it called when you mimic someone?

Echopraxia (also known as echokinesis) is the involuntary repetition or imitation of another person’s actions. …

What is a mirror personality?

Mirroring occurs when people with Personality Disorders have a vacant or distorted self-image, which can manifest itself as an imitation of another person’s speech, mannerisms, behaviors, dress style, purchase preferences or daily habits.

How do you use mimics?

Mimic in a Sentence 🔉Bert can mimic the barking of a dog to perfection, scaring thieves away from his property. … I hate when people try to mimic my high pitched and shrill voice. … Because I am a weak hitter, I try to mimic Adam’s forceful swing.More items…

Are mimic and mock the same thing?

As nouns the difference between mimic and mock is that mimic is a person who practices mimicry, or mime while mock is an imitation, usually of lesser quality.

What is mimetic effect?

Medical Definition of mimetic : simulating the action or effect of —usually used in combination sympathomimetic drugs adrenocorticomimetic activity.

What does it mean when someone mirrors your words?

Whether someone is a friend or a lover, we mimic their words because we feel close to them or want to be closer to them. … His mirroring of your words may indicate a romantic interest in you, or be indicative of how important you are to him. Either way, word mimicking is indicative of his feelings for you.

Is mimicking someone rude?

While imitating another may be a sincere form of flattery, such mirroring can get you into trouble socially if you’re copying the wrong person, new research shows. … One common mirroring situation occurs when a person laughs.

How do you use mimic in a sentence?

Mimic sentence examplesIn New Hampshire, I watched as another tried to mimic me and failed while no one even knew I was nearby. … In the Philippine Islands several species of Longicorns of the genus Doliops mimic hard inedible weevils (Curculionidae) of the genus Pachyrhynchus.More items…

What is an imitator?

An imitator is someone who copies what someone else does, or copies the way they speak or behave. He doesn’t take chances; that’s why he’s survived and most of his imitators haven’t. … the Beatles and their many imitators. Synonyms: impersonator, mimic, impressionist, copycat More Synonyms of imitator.

What is another word for mimic?

Some common synonyms of mimic are ape, copy, imitate, and mock. While all these words mean “to make something so that it resembles an existing thing,” mimic implies a close copying (as of voice or mannerism) often for fun, ridicule, or lifelike imitation.

What is a supernatural mimic?

Crocottas are creatures that can mimic any person’s voice to lure their victims out so they can feed.

What is the opposite of mimic?

What is the opposite of mimic?contradictcontrastdeviatedifferdisagreediffer from

What does it mean when a girl mimics you?

For some reason, when human beings are interested or infatuated with each other, they begin to pick up certain traits from the other person. If she’s mimicking your mannerisms — the way you hold a drink or the way you’re sitting — she may very well be interested in gaining your attention.