Quick Answer: Why Was Arthur Not Mentioned In RDR?

Is there any mention of Arthur in rdr1?

Arthur Morgan is not in RDR1 at all.

There is no mention of Arthur in the game at all nor are any other members of the gang apart from John, Bill, Dutch, Uncle, Javier and Abigail..

Can Arthur get laid in rdr2?

Much like the original Red Dead Redemption, sex and nudity are not featured in Red Dead Redemption 2. However, there are some scenes involving one of Arthurs former lovers.

Does Mary Beth like Arthur?

She has a thing for Kieran throughout the chapters, a lot of players miss this though because it happens during camp. Dutch also tries to get it with Mary Beth at one point. She has a schoolgirl crush on Arthur, basically that’s it. … Mary Beth could have been so much better if she hadn’t fallen in with that life.

Why did they kill John Marston?

John did what was asked of him why did Ross and the army kill John in the end? … So Ross put Marston in tough spot. He had Jailed his wife Abigail (likely on prostitution charges) and should he run, Jack would have been left orphaned and Abigail rotting in a prison cell.

Why is Arthur never mentioned in RDR?

Most of what Arthur did was considered an action of the gang as a whole, not just him. Even in 1907, he’s barely mentioned at all, so history forgot about him.

What happened Sadie Adler?

Fighting off another group, a gang member manages to stab Sadie in the stomach during a scuffle, before being shot by Charles. … Some time after Charles leaves, she gives her farewells to the Marston family as she leaves the ranch.

Can you smash in rdr2?

Well, you can. I’m sure you would smash your balls into oblivion in real life, but it’s completely safe in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Does honor matter in rdr2?

Unlike with Arthur, John Marston’s honor does not affect his personality in any way, nor does it influence the events of the game. However, changes in gameplay, such as store discounts, do affect John. There is no way to stop honor from changing in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Why does John not mention Arthur?

JOHN: (pointedly) “You’re my family, boy.” … TL;DR – John doesn’t mention Arthur in RDR1 because 1) It hurts him to think of Arthur, 2) He’s ashamed that Arthur saved his family, 3) Arthur said to not look back.

Will there be a rdr3?

Red Dead Redemption 2 was a monumental video game. Expectations were sky high for its release, considering the pedigree of developer Rockstar Games and the quality of Red Dead Redemption. … Though the series has proven a smash success, it seems unlikely you will see Red Dead Redemption 3.

Is Jack Arthur Morgan’s son?

While Jack does model himself after John in the epilogue, it’s actually Arthur who he most closely resembles. Both are sensitive, both like reading, both like writing, and both are inherently artistic folk. Jack is John’s son, but Arthur clearly had a massive influence on him.

Can you find Arthur Morgan’s body?

Arthur Morgan Grave Arthur Morgan’s grave can be found to the northeast of Bacchus Station, and east of the grave of Eagle Flies. If you finished the game with a high Honor rating, Arthur’s grave will be adorned with flowers.

Is Jack Arthur’s son?

For much of Red Dead Redemption 2, Arthur Morgan acts as a father figure to John and Abigail Marston’s son Jack. Playing as Morgan, gamers have to take the boy on a series of bonding activities, including horseback riding and going fishing.

Why did Dutch shoot Micah?

Now, years later, Dutch Van Der Linde arrives at Micah’s wanting to kill him. It’s why Dutch tells John Marston he’s there for the same reason John is. … Dutch kills Micah as a means not just to get revenge – but as a way of finding redemption for himself, and maybe finding some sort of closure.

Is Red Harlow uncle?

Red Harlow isn’t Uncle because he is roughly the same age as John Marston in the games, Red Harlow was born like between 1860 to 1870 and Red Dead Revolver takes place around 1880’s likely in 1888 and so they couldn’t be the same person at all. … The events of Red Dead Revolver happen sometime in the mid – late 1880’s.