Quick Answer: Where Is IdentityForce Located?

Which is better LifeLock or Identity Guard?

The 24/7 customer assistance from LifeLock is one of its best features, while Identity Guard includes risk management scores and high-risk transaction alerts at all level plans.

​LifeLock is a works best with tech-conscious consumers while Identity Guard a great all-around identity theft protection service..

Are Identity Theft Services Worth It?

In short, they do provide a benefit, but it’s worth noting that nearly everything an identity theft protection service offers, you can do on your own. … For many people though, it’s worth the cost simply knowing someone else is watching out for their sensitive information.

Does Identity Force have a family plan?

IdentityForce Family Monitoring per child for either plan you choose. If you need more, IdentityForce family monitoring plans are available, at a cost of $24.90 for UltraSecure and $35.90 for UltraSecure + Credit. You can also call to speak with an agent about pricing and options.

What is better than LifeLock?

IdentityForce also has better credit monitoring and credit reports from all three bureaus, making it our top pick for both identity theft protection and credit monitoring over LifeLock.

Where is LifeLock located?

TempeLocation Tempe, Arizona, United States, Industry Technology, RSP Architects has developed the new Corporate Headquarters Office of LifeLock located in Tempe, Arizona. LifeLock is a leading provider of consumer identity theft protection services and enterprise fraud/risk management solutions.

Which identity protection is best?

The Best Identity Theft Protection Services of 2021 are:#1 IdentityForce.#1 IdentityGuard.#2 PrivacyGuard.#2 LifeLock.#5 IdentityIQ.#6 Zander.#6 ID Watchdog.#8 IDShield. #9 Experian.

How good is Identity Guard?

Our Verdict. Identity Guard is one of the top providers in the identity theft protection space thanks to its comprehensive monitoring options and the fact all plans come with identity theft insurance.

Is LifeLock worth it 2020?

You might find a Norton LifeLock product worth the cost if: You are unwilling to freeze your credit. You want help resolving an instance of identity theft or have other security worries. You are also looking for privacy protections such as VPN, a password manager, etc.

Is LifeLock really worth it?

If you were inclined to pay $25/month for basic credit monitoring from a company like Experian, for example, then I’d say yes. Companies such as LifeLock offer many additional features for about the same price. But if you have a cheaper credit monitoring option, it may not be worth the extra spend.

Can LifeLock be trusted?

The Federal Trade Commission alleged LifeLock misled consumers. But you have other options. LifeLock, the identity theft protection firm, promises to keep your sensitive personal information safe from thieves. … As is common in such settlements, LifeLock neither admitted nor denied the FTC charges.

Is IdentityForce legitimate?

IdentityForce is a good Identity Theft Protection service and rated No. 1 on our list of the Best Identity Theft Protection Services of 2021. It offers extensive identity protection from data breaches and other attempts to steal your personal information.

How does Identity Force work?

IdentityForce provides an early warning system rapidly notifying you when your personal information is at risk. Our alerts are sent to your smart phone, tablet, or desktop computer, so you have the power to act before damage is done. … Protect your keystrokes, PIN numbers, and credit card information.