Quick Answer: Where Is Gabriel Fernandez Brother Now?

Where is pearl Fernandez now?

Fernandez is currently incarcerated in the Central California Women’s Facility, known as Chowchilla women’s prison.

She was taken there on June 21, 2018..

How old is Pearl Fernandez now?

37 years (August 29, 1983)Pearl Fernandez/Age

Who is Gabriel Fernandez father?

Arnold ContrerasGabriel Fernandez/Fathers

When did Gabriel Fernandez died?

May 24, 2013Gabriel Fernandez/Date of death

Who is Gabriel Fernandez brother?

Ezequiel FernandezGabriel Fernandez/Brothers

How are Gabriel Fernandez siblings?

Ezequiel FernandezBrotherVirginia FernandezGabriel Fernandez/Siblings

When was Gabriel Fernandez born?

February 2005Gabriel Fernandez/Date of birth

How did Gabriel Fernandez uncle Michael die?

Shortly after birth, Fernandez was put in the custody of his great-uncle on his mother’s side, Michael Lemos Carranza, and his partner David Martinez….Victim.Gabriel FernandezDiedMay 24, 2013 (aged 8) Los Angeles, California, U.S.Cause of deathBlunt force trauma coincided with malnutrition and neglect4 more rows

Who is Gabriel Fernandez parents?

Pearl FernandezMotherArnold ContrerasFatherGabriel Fernandez/Parents