Quick Answer: What Is The Plural Form Of Wife?

What is the slang for wife?

In this page you can discover 47 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for wife, like: wifey, married woman, spouse, the missis, better half, consort, ball-and-chain, spinster, matron, helpmate and wifely..

What is the plural form of wolf?

noun plural wolves (wʊlvz)

What is the plural of Fox?

noun plural foxes or fox.

Is teeth singular or plural?

ExamplesSingularPluralmanmenchildchildrentoothteethfootfeet26 more rows

What is the full meaning of wife?

Wonderful Instrument for EnjoymentDefinition. WIFE. Women’s Institute for Financial Education. WIFE. Wonderful Instrument for Enjoyment.

What rive means?

transitive verb. 1a : to wrench open or tear apart or to pieces : rend. b : to split with force or violence. 2a : to divide into pieces or fractions an organization being riven by controversy.

What is the plural of person?

As a general rule, you’re absolutely right – person is used to refer to an individual, and the plural form is people.

What is the plural of fish?

The most common plural form of fish is indeed fish. However, under certain circumstances, you can use fishes as the plural form of fish. … Fish can refer to multiple fish, especially when they are all the same species of fish. Fishes, however, usually refers to multiple species of fish, especially in scientific contexts.

Can I say 2 persons?

Your first choice when talking about more than one person is “(two) people”. “Persons” only makes sense if you mean “individuals”… and as 郭东兴 has pointed out, this is quite uncommon. Persons is an old word, from formal English.

What is the plural of die?

Die is the singular form of dice. It comes from the French word des, a plural word for the same objects. In English, the most common way to make nouns plural is to add an S. If die followed that rule, its plural form would be dies.

Which is correct wife’s or wives?

The possessive of the singular wife is “wife’s”: your wife’s car. If you had more than one wife (rather unlikely) you would have “wives” and if they had more than one car it would be “your wives’ cars.”

What is the plural of policeman?

policeman. noun. po·​lice·​man | \ pə-ˈlēs-mən \ plural policemen\ -​mən \

What wive means?

to marry a womanintransitive verb. : to marry a woman. transitive verb. 1 : to marry to a woman.

How do you use wife in a sentence?

Wife sentence examplesMy wife looked up from her lap top. … His mother and his wife are still there. … My wife was biting her lip and tears began seeping down her cheeks. … The charcoal man and his wife listened to this little dispute, and said nothing. … I wanted a wife and children, but I didn’t want to risk losing them because of the ranch.More items…