Quick Answer: Is Certified Copy Same As Original?

How do I certify an original copy of a document?

How Do I Certify A Copy Of A Document?The document’s custodian requests a certified copy.

The Notary compares the original and the copy.

The Notary certifies that the copy is accurate..

What is true certified copy?

A certified true copy is the copy of a document that is stamped and signed as a true copy of the original by a person who is allowed to take declarations.

What is the difference between certified copy and attested copy?

2009 certified copy is always a copy that is issued by a public authority, who posseses its original. attested copy is true copy of a original document which is in possession of individual himself.it can be self attested by its holder also.

What do I write on a certified copy?

The certified copy must include the statement “I certify that this is a true copy of the original document”.

Can I certify my own documents?

You cannot witness or certify a document for yourself. For example: • you must not act as the witness for a statutory declaration or affidavit that you yourself are declaring, swearing or affirming, and • you must not certify a copy of your own original document, such as your own birth certificate.

How do I certify a photocopy?

Their name and signature under the written statement “I certify that this is a true copy of the original document.” Their official position or title. The name of the original document. The date they certified.

Is a certified copy the same as an original UK?

Certify a document as a true copy of the original by getting it signed and dated by a professional person, like a solicitor. When you apply for something like a bank account or mortgage, you may be asked to provide documents that are certified as true copies of the original.

Can I certify a certified copy?

Can an authorised certifier certify a copy of a certified copy? Yes, if the certifier is satisfied that the certified copy is authentic, that certified document can be used as the original document. The copy document is then certified in accordance with the above processes.

Can Chemist Warehouse certify documents?

Your community pharmacist may be able to help you with the signing of statutory documents and certification of copies of important documents. Pharmacists generally are authorised to certify that documents are true copies of originals. … Your pharmacist may also be authorised to witness your signature on documents.

Who can make true copy?

Can anyone make a true copy? Yes. All you need is a photocopier and your original document. A true copy is simply a photocopy made (without alterations) of an original document.

Who can attest true copies?

A Gazette officer is a person who is an officer in the Indian Government service, the signature, stamp and official seal of which is necessary for verifying and attesting the important documents certified copies and/or photographs of the person for the central and state government.