Question: Who Has The Best Resume In Boxing?

Who is the most accurate puncher in boxing?

Benny LeonardBenny Leonard.

Leonard was known for his punching speed and accuracy during a 21-year career between 1911-32 that saw him register an 85-5-1 record..

Who is the #1 boxer?

BoxRecRankBoxerTitle(s)1Canelo ÁlvarezWBA (Super) and The Ring middleweight, and WBA (Regular) super middleweight champion2Tyson FuryWBC and The Ring heavyweight champion3Errol Spence Jr.WBC and IBF welterweight champion4Terence CrawfordWBO welterweight champion6 more rows

What country is the best at boxing?

the United States of America1. USA. With 431 world champions in its history and 11 current WBA champions, the United States of America is the most powerful boxing nation in the world today.

Who is the best technical boxer?

More often than not, the best fighters in the world are the ones who have the most well-developed technique.Floyd Mayweather. 10 of 10.2. Bernard Hopkins. 9 of 10. … Andre Ward. 8 of 10. … Guillermo Rigondeaux. 7 of 10. … Juan Manuel Marquez. 6 of 10. … Wladimir Klitschko. 5 of 10. … Erislandy Lara. 4 of 10. … Manny Pacquiao. 3 of 10. … More items…

Who is the fastest boxer ever?

A look at the 15 fastest boxers of all time.Sugar Ray Robinson. 8 of 15.Manny Pacquiao. 7 of 15. … Floyd Patterson. 6 of 15. … “Sugar” Shane Mosley. 5 of 15. … Willie Pep. 4 of 15. … Benny Leonard. 3 of 15. … Andre Berto. 2 of 15. … Salvador Sanchez. 1 of 15. … More items…

Is Manny Pacquiao better than Mayweather?

Although Mayweather Jr. (50-0, 27 KOs) has a superior record than Pacquiao (62-7-2, 39 KOs) and has made more money than him, you can argue that the Filipino star has had a better career in terms of his quality wins.