Question: Is It Better To Renew Green Card Or Apply For Citizenship?

Can I get deported if my green card expires?

You can only be deported from the U.S.

if your lawful permanent residency status is no longer valid.

Since your lawful permanent resident status is not linked to your green card’s validity, you won’t be deported simply because your green card has expired..

How long does it take to renew green card 2020?

approximately 10-12 monthsIt currently takes approximately 10-12 months to renew or replace a lost green card.

Should I renew my green card if I applied for citizenship?

A lawful permanent resident is required to have valid, unexpired proof of lawful permanent residence in his or her possession at all times. … For this reason, you must generally apply to renew your expiring Green Card even if you have applied for naturalization.

How long does it take to get a green card renewal?

approximately 10 to 12 monthsCurrently, the green card renewal time line is approximately 10 to 12 months. However, poorly prepared applications can result in processing times which are much longer. The good news is that it’s possible to get temporary proof of permanent resident status for travel abroad, employment and other purposes.

Can I keep my green card after naturalization?

Once you become a lawful permanent resident (Green Card holder), you maintain permanent resident status until you: Apply for and complete the naturalization process; or. Lose or abandon your status.

Do you need to renew your citizenship?

Your children born in the U.S. will inherit your citizenship. Also, any current children under 18 that have green cards will immediately become citizens as soon as you are naturalized provided that they are living in the U.S. under your care. You will not have to renew your status every ten years.