Question: Is Caribbean Or Pacific Side Of Mexico Better?

What is the Caribbean side of Mexico?

The coastline goes from Cancun to Tulum, and all the way south to Chetumal.

It also includes the Islands of Cozumel, Isla Mujeres and Contoy.

In this Guide to Caribbean Coast Mexico, we will explore all of the resort towns that make this side of Mexico so appealing..

Which part of Mexico is the best?

Best Places to Visit in MexicoCancun.Tulum.Playa del Carmen.Cozumel.Huatulco.Guanajuato.Mexico City.Zacatecas.More items…

Is the Pacific or Caribbean side of Costa Rica better?

One of the main reasons why you should visit the Pacific coast of Costa Rica versus the Caribbean can be summed up in two words: more choices. There are more beach towns, more hotels, more activities, more national parks, more snorkeling spots and more surfing spots on the Pacific than the Caribbean.

Which side of Mexico has better beaches?

1. Tulum. The Best Beach in Mexico: Tulum is a 90 minute drive south of Cancun. Awesome restaurants (both in town and at the beach), small boutique hotels steps from the water, and just over-all wonderful atmosphere.