Question: In The State Of Illinois What Is A Crime Considered With Theft Over Or Under Five Hundred Dollars

Is theft by deception a felony in Illinois?

(5) Theft of property exceeding $10,000 and not exceeding $100,000 in value is a Class 2 felony.

(7) Theft by deception, as described by paragraph (2) of subsection (a) of this Section, in which the offender obtained money or property valued at $5,000 or more from a victim 60 years of age or older is a Class 2 felony..

What is the punishment for a Class 4 felony in Illinois?

A Class 4 Felony is punishable with a minimum term of imprisonment of 1 year up to a maximum of 3 years. See 730 ILCS 5/5-4.5-45. These offenses are generally probationable.

Can felonies be reduced to misdemeanors?

A felony charge can be dropped to a misdemeanor charge through a plea bargain, mistake found by the arresting officer or investigations, or by good behavior if probation was sentenced for the crime. … For example, a Federal crime as serious as terrorism will never be a misdemeanor and therefore cannot be reduced.

What is a Class 3 felony for theft in Illinois?

Class 3 felony: Theft of property from the owner’s person of up to $500 in value; or theft of property, other than from the owner’s person, of $500-$10,000 in value. This is punishable by 2-5 years in prison and up to $25,000 in fines. Class 2 felony: Theft of property of $10,000-$100,000 in value.

How much stolen money is considered a federal offense?

It is important to understand how much money and property involved are considered federal offenses. This means that for any amount of at least $1000, it does not matter if it is real estate, records available to the public or other assets, it is possible to face fines and jail sentences.

What is the lowest class felony?

Class 1 felonies generally carry steep penalties, such as lengthy jail terms and exorbitant criminal fines. In comparison, a Class 4 felony is the lowest ranked felony group, often the next level up from misdemeanor crimes. While a Class 4 felony is a serious offense, it is not as serious as a Class 1 or 2 felony.

What are the 3 levels of crime?

The law consists of three basic classifications of criminal offenses including infractions, misdemeanors, and felonies. Each criminal offense is differentiated by the severity of the crime committed which determines its classification.

How do you avoid jail time for a felony?

15 Key Steps to Avoid Prison on Felony ChargesRemain Silent, it’s your Right, use it! … Remain Calm; and Silent. … Hire Experienced Criminal Defense Counsel Immediately. … Do Not Discuss Your Case. … Understand your Charges. … First, Defense Attorney; Second, Bondsman. … Don’t lie to your Attorney. … Do not speak to your family or friends about your case.More items…•

What is the jail time for a Class 3 felony in Illinois?

A Class 3 Felony is punishable with a minimum term of imprisonment of 2 years up to a maximum of 5 years. See 730 ILCS 5/5-4.5-40. These offenses are generally probationable.

What dollar amount is considered a felony in Illinois?

$500In Illinois, theft becomes a felony when the value of goods stolen is $500 or higher. In most states across the country, however, theft becomes a felony when the value of goods stolen is $1,000 or higher.

How much can you steal without going to jail?

Punishment for a misdemeanor includes a fine of no more than $1,000 and a sentence of imprisonment of no more than 12 months. If the theft offense involves property valued at more than $500, the crime is punishable as a felony, or as a misdemeanor, at the judge’s discretion.

How much time does a Class 3 felony carry in Illinois?

Class 3 felonies generally carry a potential prison sentence of between two and five years (or an extended term between five and ten years), plus one year of mandatory supervised release.